My brother has been dealing with being angry all of his life.  Since he was a small child, anger has been the way that he has dealt with any issues that have come his way.  From starting fights on the playgrounds, to hitting his teachers, his anger blinds him and as a result, he makes poor choices in life.  My parents had tried everything from counselling, anger management classes, and even sent him on a retreat once.  While these things helped, they still didn’t help him get over his temper.

And it continues to get him in trouble to this day.

In fact, he had an altercation with another gentleman one night last week after drinking at the bar, and he found himself hauled off to the police station in cuffs.  Charged with assault, he was looking at having to appear in court again for losing control of his emotions.

Things were not looking good.

He will be using a Minnesota assault lawyer that has a good track record of winning cases.  By using a lawyer that has had some successes in the court room, he is hoping to avoid any kind of jail time.

I know that everything will work out.