Over the course of the last couple of years, my parents have been working on replacing their old windows with new ones.  They live in a part of the country known for cold winters, and they have seen some real reductions in their heating bills since they started putting in replacement Milgard Triple Glass Windows in their home.  They love the fact that the windows look good in their home and help them save money.

They see it as a win-win situation.

But they have one window left to replace.  They were hoping to get it done before the first snow fell, but that was just not in the cards as the first snow came early this year.

They were not happy.

Thankfully, that was a couple of weeks ago and they have an installer coming out Tuesday next week to install the last window.  The forecast is good, so the install should go without a hitch.

They are pretty excited about being done their home renovations.

I am hoping that they take a break over the winter months as they usually rope me in to helping them.  Winter is the busy season at work for me, so I won’t have time to help them out properly.

I know that I will be happy when that last window is replaced – it will be nice to cross one more thing off of their list.