Took Care of my Messy Home

Time to Clean my House

Being busy with life and work leaves little time to clean my house.  That has become quite the problem for me as I just don’t have any spare time to spend cleaning.

Besides, I hate cleaning with a passion.

Unfortunately, my home had made it to the point where I was embarrassed to have anyone over at all.  My mother wanted to come visit, and I had to say no.  She would be ashamed if she ever saw what kind of conditions I lived in.

I decided it was time to do something about it.

Instead of trying to do it on my own I decided that I should get a little help.  So, I looked on the internet and found a company that offered cleaning services in my area.  I needed someone that could clean my home for me so that I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.  I knew that I couldn’t do it on my own, and since I had the financial means to hire someone to help me out, it made the most sense.

It was the best thing that I could have done in my situation.

Within just one visit, the folks from had my house in tip-top shape.  Instead of being ashamed of how my home looked, I was actually in a position where I could show off my home to guests at a moments notice.

It was the best feeling  in the world.

Beauty Bloggers in NYC Recommend Dyanna Spa

When I am looking to find reviews on a product or service that I am not familiar about, I turn to the internet for advice.  What I look for is consistent reviews and chatter about the product or service that I am looking into.  Based on those recommendations, I decide whether or not to spend my money.

So when I was looking for a good gift for my mother for Christmas, I decided that I was going to buy her a gift certificate (or gift card) at one of the spas in New York city.  She has mentioned a number of times this year that she would love to go to a spa, so I figured that it would be a great gift choice.  Personally, I had no idea about what one would look for in a spa, and since I had never stepped into one before, I turned to the internet for advice.

After a bit of searching, I discovered one thing: most of the beauty bloggers in NYC recommended Dyanna Spa as the number one choice in the city. 

Those recommendations were good enough for me.  I bought my mother her present, and I know that when she steps through the doors of Dyanna Spa, she will be pampered like a princess.

I know that she will be very happy with her Christmas present this year.

Building a Second Income with Gateway Travel

Working fulltime doesn’t give me a lot of extra time to earn any kind of extra income.  But like most households, my job doesn’t provide me with a lot of extra disposable income, so I have been looking for a way to make some extra money for quite some time.

In my search for a business I came across the possibility of making money by selling vacation packages.  It seemed like something that I could do since I do love to travel, but I had to know more. 

I found myself looking at the business model presented by  They are a travel agency that not only provides good deals on travel packages, but also provides the opportunity to work for yourself as a travel agent.  They have many packages to choose from, and what I loved was that you could choose the business model that really suited your needs and the level of commitment you wanted to make.

Since I needed no money upfront, it was a good way to get into the business and see what I could do with it.  I already have my brother and cousin lined up for cruises during the winter months, and I am hoping that I can find more people to work with.

I love what I have been able to do so far with the business and I am hoping that I will be able to build a business that will allow me to leave my job someday.  In the meantime, I am going to help as many people as I can have the best time possible on their vacation.

Heading to Belarus for Business

When everyone in the office heard that we were getting a new client overseas, we were all excited.  Our company typically sends a delegation to meet and work with the new company, and to train the staff that will be working for us over there.

In order to select the people that will be traveling to the new clients’ office, our manager draws straws.  I was one of the lucky five, and I am pretty excited.

Since none of us have ever been over to Belarus, the company has hired interpreters to help translate and ensure that we are following their customs.  We don’t want to end up in offending our new partners and having someone on our team to ensure that we don’t make any mistakes is always good.  We have done it many times in other countries, but this will be our first time in Belarus.

We were able to find the interpreters from, a site that specializes in helping businesses like ours who are new to the country work with local companies.  They also help any guests that are traveling to Belarus with tours, travel services and translation services.  To learn how they can help you out, visit

Watching my Nieces this Weekend

My Nieces and Nephew

My nieces and nephews mean a lot to me.  I don’t have kids of my own, so they are the next best thing, so I make sure to spend as much time with them as I can.  Once in awhile I take them over the weekend so that my sister and her husband can have a break.

That is exactly what I am going to do this weekend.

But this time things will be a little different.  You see, Claire, my oldest niece, has been diagnosed with Diabetes and I am trying to get my head around what that means.  Since I am not familiar with that disease, I want to make sure that I know what foods can a Diabetic eat so that I don’t feed her the wrong things and we end up at the hospital.

Okay, maybe I am a bit paranoid about the whole situation.

But the truth of the matter is that she will be in my care and I am going to be responsible for her while she is here.  I think it is really as simple as educating myself as to what I need to lookout for and I think we will have a wonderful weekend.

Buying some Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Billig e-juiceI was surprised when I went down to the post office this morning to pickup a package.  I wasn’t expecting anything, so when I brought it home and opened it, I discovered that my brother bought me a Christmas present.

We never buy each other presents.

Naturally, I felt that I should buy him a present since he bought one for me.  But what do you get a guy that has just about everything – I was going to have to do a little brainstorming to figure that one out.

There was one thing that really came to mind when thinking about him and a present – he takes his vape pen with him wherever he goes, so buying him some e-juice for it was really the perfect gift for him.

All I had to do was figure out where to buy it.

I did a little search online and I discovered Billig e-juice, a site that had some really good prices on exactly what I was looking for.  I placed my order and I chose to have it delivered directly to him.

I am sure that he will like the gift I bought for him.  Hopefully this is the beginning of us exchanging Christmas gifts again.

Enjoying Some Downtime Watching Funny Videos

It seems that lately I have been a lot busier than I would like to be.  It is busiest time of the year where I work, and while things will slowdown come January, I can still feel the stress get to me.  The weekends never come soon enough, so during the week I have to find distractions to help me relieve stress and make it through the day.

One of the ways that I have discovered that works well for me is to laugh.  Laughing lets my stress go and re-energizes me so that I can continue working.  While some people love to watch movies or tell jokes to incite laughter, I usually just head on over to Thug life, a website that showcases daily video compilations that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

The site is perfect for me as I am able to watch a couple of their compilations during my lunch break.  These simple moments on the site really let me laugh the stress away, and it really helps me to cope with my job.  Before I discovered their site I really struggled coming here each and every day.

Not anymore.

If you are looking for some laughs and something that will brighten your day, head on over to

Visited the Dentist Today

As many of you know, I don’t have the best teeth.  I have had my share of problems throughout my life when it comes to my teeth, so I make sure to take care of them as best as I can.  This means that I make regular visits to the dentist, get regular cleanings, and take my time each day to make sure that I brush and floss my teeth.  While many people would think that this is a lot of work, I know that if I don’t make the effort, I will have to spend a lot of money dealing with my teeth.

For me, it makes a lot more sense to just take care of my teeth.

So today, I made a trip to the woodridge dentist to get a checkup and a cleaning.  It had been awhile since my last visit, so it was about time that I went.  My teeth had been hurting a little more lately, and I wanted to make sure that there were no problems.

After a thorough checkup and X-rays, it turned out that I did have two cavities in my molars.  I have made a follow-up appointment, and after everything is fixed, I am hoping that I will be good for another year.

Traveling to Vietnam in the New Year

When it comes to traveling, I am one of those people that really makes an effort to see the world.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my home, but I figure since I get to live my life once, I should see whatever I can see.

Every December I sit down and make my travel plans for the next year.  I have done this for the past decade, and it helps me when it comes to saving money for my trip.  If I didn’t plan ahead, I don’t think that I would ever go anywhere.

For 2016, I am finally going to fulfill my North Vietnam Travel plans that I made about five years ago.  There was always some kind of obstacle that made it so I couldn’t travel there, but this year I am going no matter what.

Since I don’t really have time to make my own itinerary, I have decided to work with a company that specializes in Northeast Vietnam tours.  They will have the trip planned out for me, and all I have to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

I am really looking forward to my vacation next year.  It will be great to finally get to see Vietnam with my own eyes – I have waited long enough for my chance to travel there.

Chronicling my Life with a Video Blog using Clickclap

While I do love to blog on this site about my life and what I think is important, I have wanted to chronicle my life in some kind of video based format that I could share with the world.  Much like a movie, I want to be the center of the story and really capture those moments that shape my life.

Thankfully a way to make the perfect way to make a video blog (or vlog as they are called) is now available for my phone using Clickclap.

Clickclap is a new social sharing platform for Android and is available in English, Spanish and Russian.  Named after the sound a shutter makes on a camera, Clickclap is a visual messenger that allows you to share emotions via an emoticon, share short videos in a circle (they call them “shots” on the site), chronicle your life with your own Vistory (video story), as well as create your own video blog (Vlog).  They also have a new language that you can use to communicate with your friends called “Grimaces”.

It is quite an amazing app.

I have already connected with some of my cousins with the app, and we are all sharing snippets of our lives right from our smartphones.

Do you have something to share?  You can install the Clickclap app right from the Google Play Store by following the link here: