This summer is going to be fun.  A lot of fun.  Some of my buddies and I are going on a three day kayaking trip down the river here, and I know it is going to be a blast.  In previous years, we have gone white water rafting, canoeing up north, and now we are going to add a trip down the river to our list.

There is one problem: I don’t own a kayak.

While I could rent one, I thought it would make more sense to spend the money and buy one.  Having a kayak would be good incentive to get out on the water more than I do during the summer months, and really seems like a good use of my money.

Since I am not an expert when it comes to picking out any kind of boat, I decided that I would do some research to find the best inflatable kayak that I could afford.  I wanted something that was easy to maneuver and safe to use that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  I found some great suggestions on, and I think that I might have narrowed my selections down to just a couple.  I am going to sleep on it, but I will have ordered my kayak by the end of the weekend.

Our summer trip won’t be here soon enough.