Back in 2006, a game came out for the Xbox 360, Perfect Dark: Zero.  It was the first game released by Rare since its’ acquisition by Microsoft.  They were known for both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64, and I really wanted to play this game.

The trouble was that I didn’t have an Xbox 360, and honestly at the time, I didn’t think that I was going to find any other games on the system that I wanted to play.

So, I passed on buying it back then.

Fast forward to today.

I just read a post on Tom’s Hardware that lists Xbox 360 Backwards-compatible games, and low and behold: Perfect Dark is on the list.

So, I headed over to Amazon, to buy Perfect Dark: Zero Collector’s edition, and it is being shipped to my house as we speak.

I will finally be able to get to play this game that I have been waiting for a good chunk of my life to play.

I just hope that it is as good as I had hoped.