Last night I had my nieces and sister over for a visit.  I let the kids play on my computer while I visited with my sister.  They had played on my computer many times in the past, so I thought nothing of it.

This morning when I woke up at 5 AM and sat down to work, I noticed that most of my pictures that I had on the computer were missing.  I needed them for the flyer layout that I was working on, and for the life of me I couldn’t find them anywhere.

I was a little angry.

After I calmed down, I decided to see if they had been deleted.  Since my recycle bin had been emptied, I used some free data recovery software to see if there were any traces of my pictures.

Thank goodness the software found them.

It took awhile to recover all of the photos, but I was able to get all of them back.  It saved me hours of work that I would have had to do all over again and thankfully I will be able to get the layout for next weeks flyer to the printer on time.

After all this trouble, I did learn one valuable lesson – I am never letting my nieces use my work computer again.