Spontaneous road trips are one of my favorite things to do in life.  It all started back in college when a couple of buddies and I drove across the country over the course of a week.  I had never felt so alive, and since that moment, I have made time to hop in my car and explore the world every opportunity that I can get.

In fact, last week a few of us took time off work, hopped into Jack’s Explorer and set out on the open road.  We figured that it was going to be one last adventure before the cold of winter clutched our country for another year.

I have to admit, I was pretty pumped.

But we hit a little snag when traveling through Michigan.  I am no mechanic, but it was apparent that something wasn’t quite right with the SUV that we were driving.  The brakes were not very responsive at all, and after just about hitting a car on the road, we decided to see if there was something wrong with our vehicle.

It was later on in the evening, and we were not sure if we could find a garage that would consider doing a brake repair Trenton Michigan.  It took a few phone calls, but we were able to find a kind mechanic that was willing to help us out.

We were lucky that we did.

You see, after inspecting the vehicle, we were told that a couple of our brake lines had burst and we technically had no breaks.

Things could have turned out real bad.

But after a couple of hours we were back on the road with brakes that worked thanks to the help of one kind soul – the whole road trip would have had to be canceled if it wasn’t for him.