When it comes to living on a retirement income, there is only so much money to go around.  For my grandmother there are bills to pay, food to buy, and a vehicle to fuel with gas.  This doesn’t leave much money on the table, so she has been looking for ways to help cut down on her monthly costs and stretch her money a little further.

We have been focusing on her energy saving Los Angeles by making changes in her home to cut her monthly bills.  Some of the examples that I can think of include switching to high-efficiency windows, installing a modern water heater in her home and changing all of her toilets to low-flow toilets.  While it might seem like some of these choices would cost a bit of money to get things going, over time they will pay for themselves.

In fact, we have seen some measurable changes in her water consumption since switching to low flow toilets and her power bill has decreased since she bought a new water heater.  I am really interested in seeing the effects of the new windows, but it will take a few months to see the real savings on her energy bills, but I am confident they will make these new windows worth the investment.