One of my concerns over the years has been the security of our files and client data.  We have salespeople on the road every day that have sensitive information on their laptops, tablets and phones that should not get into anyone else’s hands.  We have a responsibility to safeguard the private information of our clients, and up until recently, we really didn’t have that capability.  Being a small firm really limited your options for secure and encrypted storage, and therefore we didn’t have any way to ensure that the information under our control was safe.

That all changed with the introduction of

Secured Box is a storage solution with one thing in mind – keeping your files safe and secured.  They do this by providing 2048 bit encryption to all the files stored with them and you can restrict access to any or all of them with an easy to use privilege system ensuring that only the people that should have access to certain documents do.

Instead of competing products that focus on the cloud, our SecuredBox is hardware device that is stored in our own office and not online.  I love that I know exactly where our information is at all times, and should someone steal it, they cannot access the information as it can only be decoded with the proper access key.

All I can say is that since we switched over to using Secured Box, I have had peace of mind knowing that our data is safe.  It was definitely a good investment for our business.