It has been nearly eight months since my uncle was involved in an accident where his car was hit and he ended up paralyzed in a wheelchair.  Since then he has lost his job, almost lost his house, and has had his whole world turned upside down.

The insurance companies were quick to make him an offer that was not going to allow him to maintain his standard of living.  While their bills were piling up, he decided that he had to make a stand and enlist the services of some St. Louis personal injury lawyers to get him the compensation that he deserved and needed to support his family.

The lawyers were very thorough and asked a lot of questions, consulted with experts, and even recreated the accident on a computer to ensure that they had an air-tight case should it have to go to court.

Thankfully it didn’t end up going that far.

After the insurance companies were presented with the mountain of evidence that my uncle was the victim, they were quick to offer a larger settlement that would keep the entire thing out of court.

He decided to go with the settlement.

While he certainly would have preferred to never have been in an accident in the first place, at least he has peace of mind knowing that he can still provide for his family.