When our employees are at work, I expect them to answer any texts and messages related to the business.  During their work hours we count on them to be prompt when it comes to answering business related questions both from their fellow employees, management and customers.  In fact, it is in every staff member’s responsibilities list.  But here in our organization, we like to separate business and social messaging – when they are not at work, they don’t have to worry about it.

Originally when we decided that our corporate policy was to let our employees leave their work at work, it was tough.  You see, there were no apps that would allow us to separate the business messages from the personal ones, so we really struggled at the beginning.

But everything changed when we discovered Swipe Business Messenger.  This app allowed each of our employees to use one instant messaging app for both their business and personal lives with one important feature: the app would mute work related messages when they were not working.  This meant that they could essentially keep any business related discussion out of sight while they were outside of the office and on their own personal time.

All of our employees really appreciated it, and it was the right app for our organization.  Not only are the staff more productive, but I think that they are more respectful and mindful of their time in the office because we respect their time when they are off the clock.