One of the things that I love about the internet is that you have the opportunity to leave feedback when it comes to your experiences with any business.  This means that you can share a story about the wonderful server that you had at a restaurant last night as well as the horrible service you had at a local garage.  You are no longer left to complain where no one can hear you, but instead all of us consumers have a venue where our voices can be heard.

It is about time.

Recently, I joined, a place where you can leave customers reviews about your experiences with online and offline businesses.  While I do love leaving my two bits about my experiences, the real value of this site is being able to do research before spending your money.

I have been using the recommendations of other users of the site to find the best restaurants and stores before I even step out of my house.  This saves me a whole lot of time, and I would rather spend my money at a business that will treat me well instead of a place where I will walk out angry.

So, if you are looking for customer reviews that can help you decide where to spend your money, or if you just want to share some of your experiences, you need to sign now at