For the last seven years I have been driving the a Honda Civic.  It was the first brand-new car that I ever bought and have loved it since day one.  The trick to finding the right car for me was to do a lot of research, read reviews, and find out the exact fuel consumption each vehicle had in an attempt to find one that was going to meet my needs.

Researching cars seven years ago was a lot harder than it is today.  In fact, there are sites like that list the technical specs of all of the cars on the market so you can make an informed decision in a short period of time.  You no longer have to pick up a copy of “Consumer Reports” or any other magazine to try and figure out where to spend your money.  Now, all you need to do is set your criteria and you can see exactly what vehicles are on the market that fit your needs – whether you need a fuel efficient vehicle or one that is quick off the line.

The internet has made car shopping fun and easy – I’m looking forward to researching and finding a new car that is perfect for me.