The theme of this year is getting small tasks (or “projects” done).  I have a list of things that I put together at the start of the year and I am working down the list as quickly as possible.  My jobs are prioritized based on their importance (for example, painting my home is further down the list than spending time with my grandmother) and up until the last couple of weeks, I had been making good progress on my list.

But today I’m starting my first big project of the year – renovating my parent’s condo.

They moved into their condo just a couple of years ago, but back then we knew that there were some much needed renovations that they needed to do in the near future.  But plans changed after my father suffered a heart attack just about a year ago, and the task of renovating their home fell on my shoulders.

So today will be the first of many days that I spend at their home working to make it the place they have always dreamed of.  We have a guy coming out that does windows replacement in Bel Air to see about fixing their old windows.  Thankfully their condo agreement allows the replacement of windows as long as they conform within certain guidelines, and I’m not too worried about us finding ones that work.

I’ve allotted about three weeks to get the work done and I am hoping that everything goes as planned.  Once I cross this project off my list, I can move on to the next – it is going to be a long and productive year.