As I have a career in sales, I have read my share of books on how to develop relationships, interact with others and how to succeed in the social game.  Usually, these types of books either fall into two categories: either they are full of fluff, or are full of scientific sounding mumbo-jumbo and don’t tell you anything.  So when a friend of mine suggested that I read Surf Social Waves by Chris Chandra, I figured it would be a scam like all of the rest of the “social skills” books on the market.

But I gave it a shot anyway.

At first, the one thing that really took me aback was that the books wasn’t written by some doctor, psychologist, or other medical professional.  It was written by someone just like me who was even willing to share their story in Chapter 2.  It is nice to hear that the “expert” that is presenting the material wasn’t always an expert.

As the book progressed, a number of topics were covered including how to take communication to the next level, what not to talk about and even what to wear in social situations.  The suggestions and advice were practical and made sense, but the real test would come from trying the lessons out in the real world.

I decided to try a few of them including having a plan, using comedy and humor, and dealing with bullies.  Putting the lessons to work really paid off, and I felt a lot less socially awkward than I usually did.  I know that I had a few comments from my friends the next day that I really seemed to have been a social butterfly and how they were looking forward to our next outing.

After being skeptical when I picked up Surf Social Waves and really feeling like it was a scam, I can say that my position and thoughts on the book has changed.  After reading it cover to cover and putting many of the lessons to the test, I really found that Chris Chandra wrote a perfect guide for anyone who is looking to increase their number of friends and their social influence. 

I would definitely recommend Surf Social Waves as the perfect manual for anyone looking to develop their social skills.