Just like everyone out there with a website for their business, I have wanted to get our site to the first page of the search engines since day one.  My marketing plan required a lot of work from me on a day-to-day basis, and while we were able to rank for some pretty good terms on our own, the truth of the matter was that we were not search engine marketing experts.  It was certainly a field that I would pursue if I had spare time in my day, but it was apparent early on that I didn’t have the skills we needed to rank on the first page for all of the terms we wanted to rank for.

Since I am an entrepreneur, I thought this was a great opportunity to outsource our marketing campaigns to experts in the field.  We searched for cost effective and affordable search engine ranking experts in Canada that would be willing to work with us to help us achieve as many page-one rankings as possible.

After our initial consultation with a number of firms, we chose to work with xsodev.com, one of the most reputable search engine marketing firms in Canada.  The plan that they laid out for our site met the milestones that we had set for ourselves, and it looks like working with them is going to be very beneficial for our business.