Studying Tonight

I have to admit – sometimes I am not serious about my education.  This is the time of my life where I should be having fun and being a kid – not having a love-affair with my text books.  But the truth of the matter is that things are not going so well for me in college this term, so I have had to hunker-down and work on learning the material.

The real issue that I am having is with Calculus.  I thought that I was good at math, but all I feel like doing is smashing my head against the wall – it is definitely a struggle with me.

But I know I can do it.

So, I have been working on learning the coursework tonight.  Not what you would expect for a Saturday night, but at least it will save me money twice – once from not spending the money that I would have by going out tonight, and once by saving me the money from having to take the class over.

I suppose that the studying that I am doing tonight is time well spent.