I love Fridays.  It isn’t because of the looming weekend (since us entrepreneurs don’t get them off), but rather the fact that I get to go out for lunch.  I make time every Friday to go our with one of my friends to talk about what they are doing in their lives and maybe learn something new.

Today’s lunch was a perfect example.

Jeff and I met at a sports bar close to is office and we talked about his week.  He makes movies for a living, and I always love to hear stories about how motion pictures come together from someone who lives behind the scenes.  We usually talk about just about any movie-related topic, and today was no different.

He has been working to get his latest movie ready for a world-wide release, and they have been working with companies that specialize in dubbing & voiceover services to produce their movie in languages other than English.  I was surprised to learn that they didn’t just do all of the work in-house, but he told me that it made sense to focus on what they were good at (making movies) and leave the voiceovers in other language to people that were specialists in that field.

As an entrepreneur, that explanation made a lot of sense to me.  I love that I learned something new today while also enjoying a perfectly cooked steak.  It was definitely a good way to bring an end to this week.