Prom Night

It seems like it was years ago that I was looking forward to going to the prom. At the time I was an awkward young man who had the whole world ahead of him. I remember what a fuss my parents made when it came to what I was going to wear for that night and for my date with Erin Hislop. I was nervous and stressed because of what that one night was going to do to define my life.

And I have not thought about prom since. At least not until tonight.

I was over having Sunday supper at my aunt and uncles house. My cousin, Melissa, was talking about prom and everything she needed to do to get ready for the big night. She showed me her scrapbook of dresses that she had picked out as well as different hairstyles for prom. She wanted my opinion and input as to what look would be perfect for her prom night.

As I sat there and tried to figure out some great wisdom about prom night that I could share with her, I’m sure that I had a blank look on my face. I am a guy after all, so what do I know about prom night from a woman’s perspective.

Absolutely nothing.

I’m not saying that I didn’t offer her any kind of tidbits of wisdom or insight into the experiences that I had during my prom night, but I don’t think I was really the person who could give her direction she needed for the biggest night of her life. I think she appreciated my candor and honesty, and I know that she will make the right choice as to how she is going to look for her prom.

It was just funny how her current interests made me look back to one of my best memories (and dates) for many years ago.