Even though I like to be known in the office for working hard at the business, I know that it is important to take breaks.  As much as I want this business to succeed, I don’t want to bun myself out, so breaks give me an opportunity to catch my breath and regroup before putting my head down and getting back to work.

My routine when it comes to a break is pretty simple – I drink coffee and visit with any employee in the break room.  Instead of drinking the stuff that you would usually find in a coffee room, I drink my favorite turkish coffee.  I feel in love with coffee from Turkey years ago when I traveled there after finishing college.  Since that time, it is all I drink, though up until recently it has been very difficult to find it over here.

But that all changed a few months ago when I discovered TurkGifts.com.  They specialize in carrying many products from Turkey, and they have been a godsend since they carry my favorite coffee.  In fact, I have used their site a few times to send some coffee to my friends that traveled with me to Turkey years ago.

My routine of taking breaks throughout the day and connecting with my employees has really helped build some solid relationships with my staff.  I enjoy hearing stories about their lives and their kids and I feel great that I am helping make that possible.

Who knew that so much good could come out of sharing a cup of coffee with someone.