There are a few things that I have left to do before winter and one of them would be cleaning out the garage.  We had a bit of an incident this year where a fire hydrant broke and shot water up into the air on the street.  Unfortunately for us it shot it out towards our garage and it filled with a few inches of water.

But that is not the worst part.

The problem was that we were on holidays and didn’t notice the problem until a few weeks later when we came home.  Upon opening the garage door for the first time we were greeted with sight that no homeowner ever wants to see.

Mold.  Lots of it.

We immediately called a company that had the tools to water damage dry out so that we could start the process of cleaning and repairing the garage.

It seems like that was months ago.

There is still a lot of work to do to fix the rest of the garage up and clean up what little mess is left out there so that we will be ready for winter.  I will be happy once it is all done and this year is behind us – hopefully we never have water issues like that again.