After using my HTC One M7 for three years now, I decided that it is time for me to upgrade to a new phone.  The battery didn’t make it through an entire day anymore, and since I am always on the go, I depend on my phone to be my companion throughout the entire day.

So, it was time for an upgrade.

Since I was so happy with my HTC phone, I decided that I would get something that was made by the same brand, so I decided to look at the models on the market.

I had not expected that there would be so many choices from HTC – I felt overwhelmed.

After I calmed down a bit, I decided to see if I could find the best HTC mobile on the market.  I needed to sift through the many models and find the one that was going to be the best for me.  I expected the latest technology as well as the reliability that I had come to expect from my old HTC One.

I knew that there had to be one out there that would meet my needs.

All it took was a little bit of research and I decided to get the HTC One A9.  It was a big upgrade from my old phone, and I really love how snappy it is.  I think that I made the right choice.