When it comes to spending my money I try to be responsible.  In the big scheme of things there is only so much to go around and I make sure to make every dollar count.  This means that I do research and like to give things a test drive before I commit to any product or program.

Ideally, I want to try before I buy.

I know that most of you will think of test driving cars as an example of trying a product before buying it, but honestly, there are many other things that you can try out before purchasing them.

One of my favorite places to find free trials is TrialForFree.com.  This site is a wonderful resource to find products and services that you can try before committing any kind of money.  They list everything from education products and services, to entertainment, music and software.  I found that it really saved me a lot of time having all of the companies that offered free trials in one place and it made it easy for me to try new products and services.

This site is definitely a timesaver that I know that I will visit often and I have added it to my favorites.