When it comes to investing, I like to play it safe with most of my portfolio and be adventurous with the rest.  While the majority of my nest egg has been invested with the goal of modest and long term growth, there is a portion of the portfolio that I earmark for riskier and higher return investments.  I figure that if I make a poor investment, I am not compromising my entire portfolio, and if I win, it helps the return of the entire portfolio.

One of the challenges that I have is that I don’t have a lot of free time to do research on investments, but I feel that doing proper research and really making an educated guess when it comes to picking the right investment is important.

I have decided that I am going to focus on trading Nadex binary options with the help of Nadex binary option signals.  This software helps to predict the direction the market will swing on the Nadex exchange and helps investors like myself make educated decisions as to which binary options I should invest in.  I chose this software package thanks to the recommendations of a number of business associates that have had good results using it.

In fact, I have made money on the first three trades that I have made so far, and I feel great seeing my retirement nest egg grow.  Over the long term, I am confident that this software package will help me attain my financial goals and get great returns on my portfolio – it has certainly made trading Nadex binary options easier than I would have imagined.