One of the things that seems to be in short supply in my life is money.  As soon as I have it, it slips through my fingers and is gone.  Since I would like to take some trips later on this year, I thought that it was time to start saving money, but honestly I didn’t know how.

I grew up in a household where my parents lived pay check to pay check and they never had any money.  As soon as they were paid, their money was gone.  Really, in some respects, they reminded me of how little kids behave at a store when they have some money burning a hole in their pockets – they spend it until there is none left.

Since I didn’t have any good role models when it came to saving money, I decided to head online to see if I could find some frugal saving tips that would help me to keep some money in my bank account.  As it turned out, I found which was a great resource for someone like myself to learn how to save money.  I discovered that I could save money no matter how tight my budget was, and I will be working hard each day to save for my trips.

Thankfully the internet has some great resources like Daily Finance Articles that help people like myself save money.