For what seems like years I have depended upon my HTC One M7.  But the phone is starting to show its’ age, and since the battery cannot make it through an entire day, I have been looking for a new phone.  But I haven’t really been too keen on locking myself into a two year contract with a phone that I am going to have to pay too much for, but rather I have been looking for an unlocked phone that I could use with my wireless carrier.

But there were a lot of options on the market.

As with any electronics purchase, I went online to do some research to determine which phone was the best fit for me.  Since I was looking for one that would last around three years, I had to make sure that it was one of the top-of-the-line phones so that it would be powerful enough to be useful for the next few years.

After comparing many models, I decided that I was going to upgrade to the Xiaomi Mi5.  All of the Xiaomi Mi5 reviews that I read highlighted the fact that it had the same features as most of the flagship phones on the market for a fraction of the price.  It had everything I needed including 64 Gb of storage, a 16 MP optical image stabilized camera, and a huger 3000 mAh battery that would last through the entire day.

The Xiaomi Mi5 was the perfect match for my needs, so I ordered one online.

I am going to love my new phone.