There are some home repairs over the years that I have neglected to get done.  I think that it is the same for most people out there – there isn’t enough money to get all of the repairs done on our homes, so we pick the ones that are more enjoyable than practical.  For example, renovating my bathroom was more of a priority than dealing with my worn out shingles.

But this spring I noticed a water stain on the ceiling of the living room.  Moving to investigate, I discovered that the ceiling was wet – it meant that the roof was leaking.

All of a sudden, the roof moved to the top of the list – it needed to be done before there was any more damage.

So, I picked up the phone to try and find some roofing contractors in Gibraltar Michigan and thankfully it didn’t take long to find someone willing to take the job.  I booked an appointment with them to come look at my situation and give me a quote, and they came out the next day to let me know how much putting new shingles on the house was going to cost.

I was surprised that it was going to cost a lot less than I would have expected and I have booked them to come do the work next week.  I will feel a lot better once it is done.