While I thought that we lived in a safe and quiet neighbourhood, I was rudely awoken when my neighbour was charged with criminal sexual conduct.  I am not going to lay out the details of his case here, but as you can imagine, the charges were pretty serious.  When you consider that if you are charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree that you can face a minimum of twelve years in prison, my neighbour was looking at a court case that would potentially change his life forever.

In order to stay out of jail, he hired one of the best Minnesota criminal sexual conduct lawyers that he could find.  They built a solid defence case for him and that is playing out now in the courtroom.  Watching the lawyers, you can see that they were careful to plan out their defence in such a way that their client would end up with a verdict of not-guilty, and it seems like that is the way it will play out.

But you can never jump the gun when it comes to the verdict in these types of cases.

So, they will continue their case and we’ll just have to see how the jury votes.  Who knew that a court case like this would be so close to home.