My cousin Erin is one of the most amazing people you could ever meet.  She is a school teacher by day, and volunteers her time in the evenings at the local soup kitchen as well as other charitable events.  She is one of those people that makes the world a better place, and St. Louis is lucky to have her.

While she has been blessed with a good life and makes a difference in the world, her luck with men is another story.  She has had a history of falling for the wrong guy over and over, and even made the mistake of marrying one of them.

But this fall something changed.  She finally decided to stick up for herself and get out of the relationship that she was in.  She decided that it was time for a divorce.

Considering the fact that she had never been in this situation before, she sought out the best St. Louis divorce lawyers she could find.  She didn’t want to get the raw end of the deal like so many people do, so she decided to hire McChesney & Ortwerth to represent her.  They are a St. Louis divorce and family law firm that has a good track record of success for their clients and I think that she will be okay.  Sure, there is a long road until she will finally be divorced, but at least she is working towards it.